Anne-Marie Buscio, writer and illustrator.amb001

I’ve always been surrounded by the arts, but I  had to find my own voice.

While I was raising my children, Jason and Sarah, I wanted their lives to be magical, and so, I would write and illustrate stories to read to them. Everyday, I would work on the books, and when bedtime arrived it was magic! They couldn’t wait to hear what would happen next. Seeing the joy and wonder that I could bring to their lives, I was soon sharing these stories and artwork with the children from the neighbourhood.

I decided to develop my talents further, and joined the media department at EMC of the Laurenvale School Board. There, I worked in cartooning, illustrating textbooks and making educational tools for kids. From there, I had the opportunity to work for a well known Canadian based import-export company, who dealt with big licensing brands such as, Disney™, Sesame Street™, Muppet babies™ as well as many others. Throughout the years there, I created many prize winning tabletop products, and also worked on many other product lines.

In 1991, I decided to open my own graphic design studio that expanded into a commercial print shop. This allowed me to distribute and sell products that I designed; educational materials and manipulatives, stationary, notebooks and gift cards, etc…, which were distributed across the country.

During my career, I have been successful at creating and bringing to fruition multiple  projects. But it brought the yearning to get back to writing and illustrating stories that I had written, and continue to write, in my spare time. I have a filing cabinet filled with  stories that I had just scribbled down  and filed away for later.

Well, later came knocking at my door. My husband loved my ideas and we decided that it was time. Time to give it a try and send it out there. We are at that stage in life, where we can take the time to devote ourselves to something we really love. Desmond not only supports me completely in this endeavour, he also helps me in many levels, analyzing what needs to be done… We are a great team.

Now with a state of the art digital studio to work from, the creative vault is open.

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