Brainstorming by yourself…

This morning at breakfast I told Desmond that I would like to write a blog about brainstorming by yourself. As soon as the words came out of me, we both bursted laughing. It is a little bit absurd since it takes more than one person to brainstorm. But what I am hearing is that it is lonely out there for alot of artists and illustrators and writers. The path of an artist or writer is in fact a lone venture. I sometimes can feel that loneliness as many other artists... Read The Rest →

Sending YUM YUCK for an evaluation from an editor

I am so excited and nervous. We sent off our manuscript to someone I happened to see on facebook in one of my new groups called : writing workshops and events. Her name is Susan Hughes, author and editor. She has quite a few books and awards under her wing. So Desmond and I talked about it. We read the story to a couple of people in close proximity to us, but family and friends as precious as they are, will think anything you do is great…. right? Exception :... Read The Rest →

A children’s book… not as easy as you would think

Actually attempting to illustrate a children’s book is quite something! I was a little foolish to think that my past experience such as being a graphic designer, owning a print shop, working on everyone else projects and bring them to fruition, art expositions (oil painting) creating coloring books and activity books, creating products that sold all across Canada would prepare me for illustrating a simple children’s book. Really? No. It is one thing to have a dream. To pine over the dream, to wish you can achieve the dream. But... Read The Rest →

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